16 January 2013

Celebration day tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be a day to celebrate, Sweet Pea is going to be finishing Algebra II. She's really enjoyed Life of Fred Advanced Algebra and will be moving on to LoF Geometry on Tuesday next week. She's already told me that she's got to get through Calculus at home (not sure I'll be able to help her with that!) because she must find out how Fred became a teacher at Kittens University at 3 years old.

Life of Fred is an interesting math series. It tells the story of Fred, in all his brilliance, and what happens in his life. The good thing about it is that it shows math in real life situations, although how some of us would ever end up in those situations, I don't know. It's also a math program that doesn't lay things out for you in detail. He gives you enough information to figure out the problem but in a way that really makes you think and work things through (and I have to say that I really like the name of the publisher - Polka Dot Publishing).

In other math news, Rosie Jane is going to be finishing her pre-algebra book next month and I've already got the algebra book ready to go. She's using a different book, LoF didn't work as well with her. She needs more...hand holding, shall we say and Teaching Textbooks is working well for her.

07 January 2013

Back to School

Today was back to school after Christmas break. We enjoyed out time off, spending time with family and at home for Christmas, then a trip to New Hampshire for some skiing/snowboarding. Now it's time to hit the books that we didn't think about for two weeks.

Considering that we haven't thought about school for that long, it went well today. I figured out where the girls were in most subjects, we still have a missing book and missing instructor's guide, but otherwise things went pretty smoothly. Looks like advanced algebra will finish up next Friday (which was the plan) and she'll begin geometry the following week and pre-algebra will be finished probably early next month and algebra will follow. I think I've timed things that history will be finished up before our vacation in May and the rest of the subjects will just be put on hold until we return or possibly for the summer. The only thing that may need to be finished up when we get back is physics since I borrowed the book and will need to get it back to my friend if she needs it in the fall.

So day one back is off to a good start, hopefully the rest of the week will go as smoothly especially since snowboard practice starts this week (for us).