15 March 2017

Snow Days

Snow days are an interesting thing here. Our area gets enough snow that the public schools build in about five snow days every year. Most years they use a few of them, sometimes all of them, sometimes more.

It's a bit different at our house. When the girls were little they would get up, dress themselves, and be outside playing by 7:30am. They'd come in, get breakfast and hot chocolate, warm up, do some school. By that time their neighborhood friends were up and ready to go out to play. They'd gear up again to head outside for a while with their friends. When they came in it was time for more hot chocolate and to finish school. In a sense they had the best of both worlds, they got to keep moving forward with school but they also had plenty of time to play. The big advantage was that come June, they were done when I had planned it while their friends that went to school may have had a day or two added to the end of their school year to make up for days that they missed.

So off goes Whitney to college. In Maine. Where they get snow. And cancelled classes. She's had several days so far this semester where they've closed early, opened late, or cancelled all together. She still finds it really weird to have snow days. She's not really sure what to do with herself on those days. Yesterday and today were two of those days. Yesterday the campus closed early and she missed her night class again, for about the third time. Today it opened at noon, which worked fine for her since her first class was at 1:10. She also enjoyed the chance to sleep in a bit since she's still trying to get over her jet lag from a trip to Oregon. Hopefully this will be the last snow day for this year now that we're in the middle of March. They have a week and a half before spring break #2 so hopefully no more snow in that time and after they get back to school it will be April and spring should be here, even in Maine.

The snow that Whitney got that cancelled classes started here. We had some snow then sleet and the public schools were closed yesterday and today. Sarah got all her work done both days. This wasn't a fun snow, not even fun to take the dog out in to play.  I definitely understand why the schools were closed but it didn't stop education from happening here.

We'll see what happens when Sarah goes off to Roanoke. It's in the mountains so she may get a few snow days. Guess we'll find out next winter.

01 March 2017

Another Decision is Made!

Sarah has made her decision and I think we're all happy about it. She plans to go to....Roanoke College in the fall.

She was invited to apply for the scholarship competition and we went down a couple of weeks ago for that. Bob even rearranged his schedule and took the day off to go down with us, his first trip to see the school. Sarah did her thing - a student panel with freshmen and sophomores, an interview, and a writing session. Bob and I did the parent thing - a student panel with seniors, a presentation by the financial aid office and about the curriculum. We had lunch together along with another presentation, then took the campus tour again, mainly for Bob's benefit. Sarah had been leaning towards Roanoke and going down again sealed the deal. We dropped the deposit off while we were there and she's gotten her welcome letter. She also accepted the service leadership fellows position. I think she'll have a great four years there!

outside admissions after we dropped off the deposit