05 May 2013

Late spring

It's been a long few months. I'm happy spring is here, even if the weather isn't cooperating and it still feels more like early April instead of early May. We're working on mostly wrapping up our school year. Only a week and a half of school left, then we leave for vacation. After that it will be back at it but lightly.

Sweet Pea will have at least one more physics module to get through and history to finish up before she leaves for camp for the summer. Rosie Jane will be home for longer and will be working on math all summer when she's home. Algebra is really kicking her butt and we've already talked about her working on it all summer. I really think if she takes the summer off, I'll have to start the book over again in the fall with her.

The girls and I have already talked about next year and both will be home again. At this point, Sweet Pea has no choice and after we start next year, neither will Rosie Jane. It's very difficult to enter the public schools here once you've started high school at home. Probably the biggest disappointment about Rosie Jane not going to high school is that she won't be able to play golf for the high school team. I'm going to look into whether she can play on for a Christian school that has a girls' golf team. She's pretty good and I think with more coaching she'd be really good and could easily get a golf scholarship to college. I'm going to have to keep working on that one.

Besides finishing up the last bit of school, we also have to get in our year end testing for the state as well as figure out when Sweet Pea can take the CLEP test. Much to do as we wrap up another school year.