23 December 2014


Sweet Pea finally officially heard from the last college. This has truly been a strange experience. This is the school she applied early decision to but it's the last one that she heard from. She sent in her application in early October and we thought, mistakenly, that since she applied early decision that she'd hear back pretty quickly. She got some mail from them, including information to set up an account on their portal and an email account. We'd check it but the only status was that they'd received her application. Nothing. She emailed the ski team coach to get more information from him since after talking with a student athlete at the school it sounded like as a snowboarder she'd be able to practice with them and keep competing through USASA. She got an email back from him and emailed with more questions. Then nothing.

I messaged a friend I know who has a freshman daughter at the school and asked when they heard she got in and how they found out. She said it was mid-December and they got a letter in the mail. OK, at least we can rest easy for a bit and know that we're looking for mail, not an email or a phone call. So about two weeks ago she got another email from the ski coach "Congratulations! I heard you were accepted..." Huh, news to us. And still nothing from teh school. On Sunday I told her to check her portal again and see if anything was updated there and if she didn't hear anything over Christmas break to email them and ask in January when offices were open again. Yes, on the portal it looks like she's been accepted. Weird.

FINALLY in yesterday's mail was the official acceptance letter. I haven't had a chance to read it yet (we got home late from celebrating Christmas as my mom's house) but she was accepted, was offered merit scholarships (like the other schools), and was admitted into the Honor's Program. Very exciting! Now the tough part, figuring out which school will be the best fit for her future goals.

12 December 2014

Getting Acceptances

Well, the acceptances are starting to roll in. Shortly after we got back from our trip to New England, Sweet Pea got an email from Green Mountain College letting her know she got in. The funniest part of this is that she never completed her application. A few weeks later, she got an email from Johnson State and they just needed her recommendation and would get her an answer in a week or so. This was right before Thanksgiving so it did take longer than a week but she also got in there. She got a phone call from them telling her she was accepted and she just got the official letter in the mail yesterday. Also in yesterday's mail was this envelope...

Yep, she got into Plymouth State University as well. She's excited because it's her first choice, but it also makes it more real for her and that's making her nervous.

The funny, ironic thing is that she still hasn't heard from the University of Maine yet and she applied there early decision. Hopefully she'll hear from them soon. Then the real stress will begin, which school to choose. I think probably any of them would be good, all have given her some good scholarship money, it's just going to be a matter of what's most important to her. So for all you out there worrying, yes, you can homeschool and get into the college of your choice.

02 December 2014

Waiting is Hard!

All the college applications are in and have been for a while. All the schools she applied to have rolling admission so we thought we'd hear sooner but as of now have only heard from one college. She got into Green Mountain College in Vermont. After our visit there it fell to the bottom of the list, but it's good to know she's been accepted somewhere. I'll admit it, it validates all the hard work we've done over the years and I feel like I got the stamp of approval even though it really has nothing to do with me. We're still waiting to hear from the other three schools. Hopefully we'll hear from UMF in the next couple of weeks; I have an online friend whose daughter goes there and she said her daughter applied early decision (as did Whitney) and heard in early December. She should be hearing from Johnson State soon as well; she got an email from them saying they had everything except her recommendation and once they had that she'd hear in about a week. No word from Plymouth State at all. Waiting is hard.