08 November 2015

Two Months In

We're about two months into the school year and things are going pretty well. Probably the best thing is the writing class. It's worked out really well, she's learning, and her essay writing is improving which was my goal. Her last assignments for the first quarter are due this week, then her second quarter classes start. She's finishing Writing Mechanics I and Essay I and will be taking the second class for each of those. I'm so glad I stumbled across this class.

The rest of her classes are moving along. She just started chemistry this week and will begin geometry next week. She's enjoying history and literature this year, but the world religions class isn't exactly what she was looking for and she's not really liking it. This is one case where I've said too bad, you need to push through and get it done.

We've continued discussions about college and her future. She's been all over the place in ideas about what she wants to do which has made it hard to help her narrow down school choices. I think she's making progress though. In January she's going to go to San Diego to look at Impact 195 School of Ministry, a discipleship program. She feels passionate about mission work, especially in Guatemala, but I don't really see her going out to California. There's a similar type school in New Jersey that she is going to look into as well. She's also looking at colleges, mostly in Virginia, with an eye to working with special needs people. She hasn't decided if she wants to work with preschool kids, youth, or adults, but she's got a heart for working with this special group and does it well. We'll see where she ends up taking her.