17 April 2014

Thinking About Next Year

Snowboarding kind of took over my life for a while late in the winter but now it's time to get to thinking about next year. Hard to believe but I'll have a senior and a sophomore in the fall. I've talked to both of them some about what they'll be doing next year and things have changed a bit since our first conversations earlier this year. For a few classes, I've already decided what they're going to be doing and what we're using, for others (mostly electives) either I've given them a choice of things or they've given me a few ideas to look into for them.

Sweet Pea, the senior

Government (semester class using Sonlight)
finishing trig, then calculus (Life of Fred)
Literature (semester of classics/semester of American)
Food Science
Art history

Other things we're thinking about - meteorology (probably will do this), continuing French and Russian (need to figure this out, probably some sort of self study for French)

She'll also be applying to college, writing college/scholarship essays and working on her Girl Scout Gold Award.

Rosie Jane, the sophomore

American history
American lit (both of these will likely be an online class through CurrClick)
Algebra (Saxon)
probably Marine biology or maybe Geology
Home Ec

Other things we still need to figure out - German (again, probably with OSU although we may wait until next year and she can take it at the community college), art/music history, history of ballet/modern dance, maybe art at the local co-op. Most of these things she'll be doing, we just need to figure out if it's this year or next year.

It's going to be a busy year for both of them, but we're going to find ways to enjoy it!