20 June 2013

Out with the old, in with the new

I spent a bit of time yesterday clearing off the school bookshelves. I pulled off all the books, workbooks, etc. that we're done with for this year to make room for the new stuff. I found the history books that I already have for Rosie Jane for next year and put those on her shelves. I still have a bunch of stuff I need to order, which I'll be doing soon. Once I do that, those rather empty bookshelves will be full of new books, new ideas, interesting stuff to learn.Until then though, they're looking rather empty.

I still have a mess on my desk, grades that need to be finalized and put on the transcript, reading lists to update, course descriptions to write, and some other end of the year things to finalize. It will get done, just not this week. This week we're in the home stretch of dance and besides dance classes Monday and Wednesday nights, there's dress rehearsal tonight and tomorrow night, and the recital on Saturday. After that it will finally feel like summer - all the regular school year activities will be completed and we can move on to summer fun.

11 June 2013

Slinking into the end of the year

In a sense, the end of the year has snuck up on us. It's actually been a crazy spring! Snowboarding went into April, including a trip to Colorado for Nationals. We got back from that and were cranking out the schoolwork and planning for vacation. April and early May were busy months with school, dance, and work. We pretty much wrapped up school by May 15 and left for vacation on the 16th. We took a tour of the National Parks of the Southwest, hitting the big ones and a couple of small ones.

I was organized, planned ahead, and got the girls testing done before we went on vacation. The results came while we were gone and now I need to keep track of them until I get the paperwork ready to file for next year. I should probably do that soon, except it's not due until August and school isn't even out yet here.

We got back from vacation and they've got a bit of school to finish up. Sweet Pea is doing one more module of physics, reading some history, and yesterday she asked what her next school book was. She's got a stack of books in her room that she wants to read but I guess wasn't interested in any of them yet. Rosie Jane is finishing up her science as well and she'll be doing math through the summer when she's home. I feel like it was a frenzy of school, vacation, and now we're just slinking into the end of the year. Sweet Pea will be done as of Friday since after that she'll be working at camp most of the rest of the summer until early August. Rosie Jane will finish science early next week but she already considers herself a freshman. How did they get so old??