20 January 2012


Like the lovely voice in the GPS says, I'm readjusting the direction of our school. We're only a few weeks into the new year but we need to readjust already. We've become super busy with a few things and I've decided that at least for now school needs to be simplified. Sweet Pea is on a snowboard team and since we live no where near a ski resort, she and I are doing a lot of driving. Totally worth it, but it takes a pretty good chunk of time out of our Wednesdays and Thursdays (not to mention Saturdays and the occasional Sunday).

I think at least for now, I'm going to set aside the French unit study I wanted Sweet Pea to do. It's an extra that she doesn't need right now. Maybe this summer. I'm going to focus on some basics with her for a couple of months, until the snowboard season is over; mainly math and science and her writing. Rosie Jane is another story, with other problems. I just need to figure out how to use my morning time more efficiently with them. I do need to keep them on track, especially Sweet Pea since she's in high school. Since she's a freshman, it's not quite a make or break year, but still things need to get done.

03 January 2012

Back to school

It's a new year and we're back to school. I tried to spend some time over break organizing but didn't get as far as I wanted. I've spent some time frustrated with computers. My old laptop is about to bite the dust; a couple of the keys aren't working well, the air card is dead as is the sound. I transferred my last backup of my Homeschool Tracker data file to the new laptop, but that was from mid-October. Sadly, I hadn't done a backup since then and can't get another one to work. I spent some time today filling in the blanks from mid-October to early December.  I should be able to finish tomorrow. I also need to copy over all my other necessary school files after I resave them all into Word or Excel documents. For some reason when we had my computer fixed the last time, Office didn't get put back on and we couldn't find the disks for it. I downloaded Open Office and used that for all my documents and spreadsheets and now need to resave all that stuff to use on the new laptop. Still a work in progress there.

We started back to school with just a few things yesterday.  Bob had to work and frankly, I hadn't realized that it was a holiday, so it was off to school we went. I gave the girls a few things to do, then we watched the Rose Bowl Parade, and relaxed the rest of the day.  Today was back to it with pretty much a full schedule. There's still a few things we haven't gotten to and I need to remember to get Sweet Pea to start the French study so she can finish before her French class starts again at the end of the month.