14 September 2013

A Crazy Week in the Books

I'm glad we made it through this week because it was a crazy one! We had several doctor's appointments that disrupted school on different days, dance classes started, online classes started, and we just got back into everything.

While Sweet Pea was in France, her Imperial Russia class started. It meets online Thursday nights. They're recording it so if you miss a class you can catch up later. We had one heck of a time trying to get into the recorded class so she could watch it before Thursday night's class. Turns out something got messed up in her settings; they finally figured out the problem and fixed it late Wednesday night. She did get to watch class 1 before class 2 so that's good. I just need to check and see if she had homework that she needs to catch up on.

Sweet Pea's French and Russian classes started this week as well. So far it sounds like they're just doing review but new stuff will pick up soon. She will be sharing (through interrogation) about her trip to France. Her classes are a little bit crazy and fun but she's learning a lot.

Rosie Jane's biology lab group met over at a local park on Tuesday. They were collecting pond water for their lab that they were doing on Friday. After she finished there, she went to the driving range to smack a bucket of golf balls around. It's not the best range but it did give her some practice. In a continuation of a busy day, we stopped at Subway to get lunch then I dropped her off at the preschool at church where she volunteers on Tuesday afternoons. She loves working with the kids and, although she was sad to not be seeing last year's kids (they're in kindergarten now), she was excited about the new class.

In between all that stuff, they did get some book learning and reading done at home. Sweet Pea is officially done with physics and is moving on to chemistry next week. I think she's happy about that! Rosie Jane is having a hard time with math. I want to make sure she's got this down well before we move on to harder things. We'll take the time she needs to really learn it before we move on.

We're going to enjoy our weekend, then jump into another busy week.