29 December 2011

Christmas vacation

Merry Christmas!!  We're taking it easy this week, sleeping in, visiting with cousins, lots of family time.  The new math books came in the other day.  I had a chance to look through them.  Bob wanted to know who on earth would name math books "The Life of Fred."  It's actually quite the enjoyable series, a funny story of a 5 year old teaching at college and all his adventures.  The math comes in as it shows how math is used in his daily life.  Not sure how that's going to work out when we get to Calculus (I sure don't use calculus every day, do you?) but I guess we'll find out when we get there. 

I spent some time yesterday organizing a few things but still have more to do.  I got a new-to-me laptop and need to transfer over my school files and some other things to it, I need to get the girls agendas done for next week, and I need to spend some more time figuring out how to make school better.  It's pretty good but both girls are struggling with math right now so I think we need to refocus and spend more time on math and less on history (Sweet Pea) and science (Rosie Jane).  I think Saturday while the rest of the family is at the ski slopes I'm going to finish my organizing for the next few months, do at least enough to get us through to our February vacation.

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