20 January 2012


Like the lovely voice in the GPS says, I'm readjusting the direction of our school. We're only a few weeks into the new year but we need to readjust already. We've become super busy with a few things and I've decided that at least for now school needs to be simplified. Sweet Pea is on a snowboard team and since we live no where near a ski resort, she and I are doing a lot of driving. Totally worth it, but it takes a pretty good chunk of time out of our Wednesdays and Thursdays (not to mention Saturdays and the occasional Sunday).

I think at least for now, I'm going to set aside the French unit study I wanted Sweet Pea to do. It's an extra that she doesn't need right now. Maybe this summer. I'm going to focus on some basics with her for a couple of months, until the snowboard season is over; mainly math and science and her writing. Rosie Jane is another story, with other problems. I just need to figure out how to use my morning time more efficiently with them. I do need to keep them on track, especially Sweet Pea since she's in high school. Since she's a freshman, it's not quite a make or break year, but still things need to get done.

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