24 March 2012

Panic time!!

This is not what I was going to write about today, but I think it's more relevant to me right now. Always in the back of my mind (and I'm sure in the minds of most homeschoolers) is the thought, Am I doing enough? Are they learning what they need to now and to get into college? Am I failing them by keeping them home?

These all came to the front again today when I saw a friend's post on facebook that her (always homeschooled) daughter got into JMU. Congratulations to her! But that panic rose up again, are MY girls going to get into college? I know Sweet Pea has a unique enough outlook on life and her life experiences are different enough that she'll stand out that way, but are the academics enough? If not, I've only got 2.5 years to fix it. I'll probably worry about it for the next 2.5 years until she gets accepted into college.

On the other hand, with her goals, she may not go to college right away. Something else to think about - how to prepare her for life after high school, taking a couple of years off to chase her dreams, then head back to college. College will still be there in a year or two. And knowing her, she'll figure out a way to take classes online or during the summers or both while she's dream chasing. That could work, too.

Maybe I just need to focus on what's going on now, making sure she's doing the best she can with what she's got in front of her at the moment. I think we've got a good plan for high school and that's about all we can do for right now. We'll do some tweaking, I'm sure, but right now we need to focus on this school year and finish it out well.

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