14 November 2012

Our dog

OK, so this post is only tangentially related to homeschooling. We have a Weirmaraner dog named Winni. She's not your typical weirmaraner; they're usually full of energy. Our Winni, she's much more like a big cat. She likes sleeping on her bed, comes up for a petting every so often, loves being around us, and doesn't really like the out of doors. If it's a nice day, she'll sun herself on the deck and by nice day, I mean sunny, temps between 65-80; any hotter, she's inside and any colder, she's outside just long enough to do her business before she comes back inside to warm herself by the fireplace. She's definitely a princess dog, but we love her.

Befitting a princess, she must have a dog bed. She's not one to sleep on the floor. Maybe the carpet if she must, but she likes a nice comfy dog bed. I can totally understand in her case. Weirmaraners do not have much fat on them and sleeping on our wood floors for long would not be comfortable. So to make things easier on us, instead of moving one dog bed around, we got her three, one for each floor. She managed to tear up one of her beds and we finally had to throw it out. I went to buy her a new one but wow, have you looked at the prices of dog beds recently? Really expensive! I had seen on Pinterest a dog bed made of fleece and stuffing and figured I could make one for her much cheaper than the prices in the pet store. So I did. Now she's got a nice, big bed (big enough for her plus one of the cats to sleep on together, if they're in a friendly mood).

Oh, and how does this relate to homeschooling you ask? Well, since she is wherever I am, I was carrying her one bed up and down the stairs so she could sleep on it while the girls and I were in the basement working on school. I finally got tired of that and made her new one.

Winni enjoying her new bed.

She's always in the sunshine.

Doing what she does best on one of her other beds.

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