19 December 2012

More on the CLEP

I'm not sure if high school is more complicated these days compared to when I was in high school or if it's just that it's more complicated because we're homeschooling and there's not a handy guidance counselor to deal with all the testing and other things pertaining to college admissions.

One decision is made, Sweet Pea is going to take both CLEP tests in US history. She may take an AP test or two in the next two years but for this year, this is the best decision. One advantage of taking either AP or CLEP tests is to get college credit for the class. Sometimes the student can get graded credit but more often it's just credit and also means that you don't have to take the equivalent class at college. These generally are freshman level general education classes. This pays off by either being one less class that needs to be taken saving a few dollars or freeing up a space to take a class they really want instead of one they have to take.

Another good reason to take a CLEP test if you're homeschooled is to prove the rigor of your classes. If you are shooting for college, you need to be taking a college prep class load in high school. One way to show that you are (and that Mom's not just giving you A's because she's mom) is by taking a CLEP or AP test and doing well on it. Even if you don't get college credit for the class you will show the quality of your high school work.

Now that I've made that decision, I have to figure out if it's worth it for Sweet Pea to take the PSAT next fall. Another decision for another day.

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