13 April 2013


I'll get back to the sports later. Right now I've got driving on my mind. Sweet Pea is finishing up her behind the wheel class and will have her license TOMORROW! I'm really excited, for both of us. She'll be able to get to Bible study and work by herself, and for me it'll free up about 4.5 hours a week that I don't have to drive her anymore.

Right now I was hoping to find an easy Excel report card that I can use. I need to make up one so she can get the good student discount on her auto insurance. I don't usually give the girls report cards, I just tell them how they're doing and they have a pretty good idea anyway. I do tell them their year end grades. Anyway, I can't find anything useful for high school that I can just plug and go and email to our insurance agent. Guess I'll work on something this weekend so he can add her on Monday.

Here's to safe driving!

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