21 October 2013


Rosie Jane has been playing golf for about five years now. She's really enjoyed it and has seen her game steadily improve. She's taken lessons through the First Tee program locally and played with various relatives (her grandfather, her dad, her aunt). Now she's to the point of needing to step up her game and play more often on more challenging courses.

 This summer we went to the new Golfsmith store to check it out and also find her some actual golf clothes. She needed shirts that breathed as well as fit the golf attire dress code (collared shirt). Also, cut off shorts are frowned upon on golf courses, so we got her some shorts as well. Now we need to head back and get some pants for her since she's still playing this fall and it's much cooler.

This was her hanging out this summer before she was heading out for class.

First Tee has four levels of skills to move through and Rosie Jane has worked her way up to the last one. She passed the Birdie level this summer and just has Eagle left to go. The playing requirements are much harder, she has to play on a longer course with a lower score, and all her skills need to improve.

These last two pictures are recent when she was out playing with one of her coaches. They played Augustine Golf Club on a beautiful fall day. I managed to snap these from the deck at the clubhouse where I was waiting for them to finish.

She's got enough interest and passion for playing golf that we're looking into colleges that have a women's golf team. Her coaches have told us that she's good enough to play in college. We still have a few years to plan, which is good because the NCAA requirements are time consuming to document (for everyone, not just homeschoolers, although we've got to do it on our own with no school counselors to help). It will also take some time to find the right match with a school for her - one that has a golf team and has the major that she wants, which currently is marine biology but who knows how that will change in the next three years.

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