16 August 2014


Books are the lifeblood in this homeschool. We use books for history, science, and even math. Not boring textbooks, although a few of those have crossed the threshold here, but what are called "living" books, historical fiction, a few fiction, non-fiction, even the math books are written with a story line (Life of Fred books). I'm way behind this year in ordering books, behind in starting school (students need to be here in order for school to start and they're not, they're still busy with summer jobs), behind in everything really. I spent some time yesterday going over the girls classes and finalizing what books they're using this year so that this morning I could get online and order the books we need to get started. I know I'm not the only one still looking for books, I see posts on facebook and other places of people looking for school books so they can get their year started as well. Now I just need to get my girls home for longer than a day or two so we can get started.


  1. School? What's that? :) I guess I'd better get my act together. I think I have most of my books though. Older kids have handed them down.

    1. We need to get rolling soon so we can have graduation Memorial Day weekend. Jobs are starting right after that.