01 July 2015

July Already? How'd That Happen?

Wow! Hard to believe that it's July already. It seems like we just finished snowboarding and now we're done with school for the summer, had the graduation party, and we're thick into summer fun. The graduation stuff went mostly well; the party was great with lots of friends and family here to celebrate Whitney's accomplishments. We had a beautiful day to celebrate. On the down side, handing over the diploma and taking pictures didn't go so well. Oh well, she's done, mostly happy about that and right now is having fun being a counselor at camp. She'll spend her summer working with teens and horses so I'm not sure life could get much better for her.

School is also done for Sarah for the year. After vacation (to Maine, Quebec, and Niagara Falls) school kind of fizzled out. Pretty much everything was to a point we could call it done; the only thing that wasn't was math. I think we'll just pick up where we left off when we start again in the fall.

The final transcript has been sent in to UMF, Whitney is anxiously awaiting on her roommate/dorm assignment which should be coming soon, college stuff is starting to appear in stores, so things are on track for her heading off at the end of the summer.

I need to finalize Sarah's grades and really start thinking about next year. I think she'll be taking a couple of classes at a local homeschool program, a writing class and one on study skills. She really needs some outside help with writing, I just am not that great at teaching writing and it's not something she's more naturally good at so an outside class is needed. I have several other ideas for her, an online psych class, hopefully German at the local community college in the spring, and the rest will be at home. I think I've found her a lab partner for chemistry; if it doesn't work out, I'll help her with the labs. I need to finalize some of these plans so I can get her signed up for the outside classes, work on the budget and get things ordered. In the good news/ bad news category she won't be starting school until the middle of September because she's going to Germany with her grandmother. That will give me a bit more time to get organized but will be a really late start. Hopefully it won't impact her outside classes too much, something else I need to look into.

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