10 September 2015

Almost the First Day

Rosie Jane is still having a great, if cold, time running around Germany with her grandmother. She gets home Saturday night and we'll finally be able to start school on Monday. I feel like on the one hand, we're way behind, but on the other, she's studying 20th century history this year so several stops on their trip will count as a field trip.

I'm working on getting ready for Monday. I ordered some books today and checked into a few others. Since what I ordered today was for a semester long class, it's ok that I'm behind in getting it. One set of books came in the mail the other day. I need to sit down tomorrow and work on writing up her first week's schedule.

I finally made a decision about her writing class and went in a totally different direction than I had thought. I was looking for some in person classes to give her both a teacher that knows how to teach writing as well as classmates but the time/location of one was bad, another was ok, then I found a third that might have worked better until I realized that it was Thursday morning and I have bible study then. I was also looking at an online option. I just couldn't decide and happened to come across a class that is done through email. The company offers lots of options/levels and I could see a path through the courses. I gave Rosie her choice and she chose the email option. She's already gotten her first couple of assignments (she's taking two classes with them) and I can't wait to see how it works out. I'm really hoping it works out well, she really needs to improve her writing and I can't help her. This is one place I really need to farm a class out and have someone else teach her.

The other bits and pieces are falling into place. We may not be ready to go 100% on Monday but I have enough to get her started.

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