08 January 2017

First Semester Done

First semester, high school senior year and college sophomore year is done. Both girls did well and are happy to have had some time off from school. Sarah has already started school again and Whitney heads back to Maine tomorrow but classes don't start until Jan. 17.

Half of Sarah's senior year is done. Hard to believe we've only got a few months left. Soon it will be time to start thinking about her graduation party, ordering her diploma, and enjoying the last summer at home before college starts. This has been a much different experience with her applying for colleges than it was for Whitney. I'll share the details of that later but she applied to four schools and has gotten into three and is still waiting to hear from the last one. She is doing well in her classes at home and finished her first college class. We went to register her for spring classes the second week registration was open but Spanish 102 was already full. She was put on the wait list but never got notification that there was a spot for her so she missed out on Spanish. She did get into college composition so that's good and that class starts on Tuesday. She had a full fall finishing up a few things from last year and starting this year's work. With Whitney still around it's hard to get back into our regular routine but I'm ready to jump in and plow through the next few months.

Whitney is done her third semester. She's heading back to school early to get in some snowboarding and she's got a race next weekend. This past semester was tough with five classes, one of which was a class she really disliked but she's looking forward to this semester. She's got three professors she's had before, one of whom she loves, and a schedule where two of her classes only meet one day a week. She'll have plenty of time for snowboarding around her classes and studying. Even with her more open schedule she'll have a busy semester. She's co-captain of the snowboard team, she's doing some training with the Carrabassett Valley Academy (a top notch ski/snowboard school), she got a job as a student mentor, she's still involved with IVCF, and she's got her classes. There's probably more that she's doing but that's what I know about.

She's enjoyed the mental break from school and being home. She did get in some snowboarding at Massanutten while she was here. I'm sure she's looking forward to getting back to Maine and the excellent snow they have up there. They've had quite a bit whereas we haven't gotten much and it's even been iffy for snowmaking. She'd probably like the extra week at home but she's excited to be getting on the slopes and will have some quiet time at school before her roommate and everyone else gets back.

Here's to a good spring semester!

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