01 March 2017

Another Decision is Made!

Sarah has made her decision and I think we're all happy about it. She plans to go to....Roanoke College in the fall.

She was invited to apply for the scholarship competition and we went down a couple of weeks ago for that. Bob even rearranged his schedule and took the day off to go down with us, his first trip to see the school. Sarah did her thing - a student panel with freshmen and sophomores, an interview, and a writing session. Bob and I did the parent thing - a student panel with seniors, a presentation by the financial aid office and about the curriculum. We had lunch together along with another presentation, then took the campus tour again, mainly for Bob's benefit. Sarah had been leaning towards Roanoke and going down again sealed the deal. We dropped the deposit off while we were there and she's gotten her welcome letter. She also accepted the service leadership fellows position. I think she'll have a great four years there!

outside admissions after we dropped off the deposit

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