26 April 2017

The Light is Getting Bright

That light at the end of the tunnel? Yep, it's getting pretty bright these days. Our days of homeschooling are almost over. Sarah is almost done marine biology and government, her college class has only a couple more meetings, and then there's math...we'll still be doing math for a while, but it'll get done before graduation. Her official graduation day is May 27 but her party is on May 20. We've slowly started planning and I'm just hoping for a nice day.

The million dollar question is what's next? I'm not exactly sure but I do have some ideas rattling around in my head. Whitney has a year and a half left in Maine, then she's going to chase her snowboard dreams. I plan to go see a few more of her races this winter than I've been able to get to the last couple of years. Sarah will be starting at Roanoke in the fall which is close enough that I hope to visit a few times. I'd even like to spend some time in the area, sightsee, hike, and do stuff even if I don't see her. I haven't spent much time at all down in that part of Virginia and it's really pretty there. I can see Bob and I going down and doing some camping in the mountains.

I will be looking for some part time work, perhaps with the county or at least in our county. Traffic is stupid and I don't want to waste time in it if I don't have to. I'm tossing around a couple of ideas to earn money so we'll see what gels. I need to spend part of the summer cleaning the house, doing some painting and yardwork, and getting out with Bob for some fun. We got a mini-pack of 6 games to the minor league baseball team so that will be fun. And the tickets are cheap enough we can always pick up some more games when the girls are home.

We have a busy end of the summer, getting both girls ready for college. Of course Whitney needs to leave the day Sarah has to move in so she'll be on her own this year. I'm bummed about that but it can't be helped. I'll try to get up and see her the next weekend or something. I need to figure out how, in the little bit of time they both are home this summer, how to get Whitney down to see Roanoke. I think in September Bob and I will try to get away somewhere and I'm going to Maine sometime with my mom and there's parents weekend at Roanoke so it'll be a busy time.

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