13 February 2012

We've been busy!

We have been so busy recently. I can't believe that February is already halfway gone; it seems like it should still be January!  I've been heading down to Massanutten Resort with Sweet Pea at least twice a week since late December for snowboard team practice.  As long as she's focused, she has time to get her work done in the mornings before we have to leave.  It just makes the week kind of hectic since I'm gone all afternoon/evening on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  One of us has been taking her down on the weekends as well, so the time has just flown by!  Rosie Jane has been keeping us busy as well; it's just been trying to keep up with everyone's schedule that's hard. March is coming up soon enough though and with that the end of snowboard season.  I think they only have practice through the first weekend although the resort will hopefully be open later into the month.

Besides snowboarding, school has been moving along well. Their French and German classes have started up again.  After a rough start (the company changed virtual classrooms) they're back on track and it's going well.  Sweet Pea found out that their teacher might be offering an introduction to Russian class this summer.  She really wants to take it but I'm not sure it will fit in with our schedule; we'll have to see.

It was a good move to ease up on some things while we're so busy with winter sports. It's almost time to start thinking about school for next year. I have a general outline for what the girls will be doing, pretty much just the next thing, but I still have some decisions to make.  I need to figure out what Sweet Pea is going to use for biology and English, I need to decide if Rosie Jane is going to do two science classes next year (I'd like her to), and a few other things.  I still have some time, catalogs will be out soon (look for Sonlight's April 1!), the convention is in June (I'd better check the calendar and make sure I can go). We'll probably start the new school year in August, but we'll just keep working for now and worry about next year in a month or so.

My "why we homeschool" for today - I was just sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper (yes, I still get a newspaper) and happened to glance up.  The boy next door had just gotten home from high school and was letting his dog out, at the same time I was hearing Sweet Pea getting into the shower.  Yes, she did all her work this morning in her pj's.  Nothing unusual there.  The only reason she got in the shower when she did is that we were supposed to have Girl Scouts this afternoon so she needed to get a move on and get dressed (had to cancel - one of our few girls was sick - feel better!!).

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