11 June 2012

Convention, Part II

I had a few more convention related thoughts. One reason I enjoy going to the convention is so that I can see some of my friends. I have a few that have moved out of the area, but still live in the state so the only time I really get to see them is at the convention. Oh, we "connect" over facebook during the year, but it's nice to actually see their faces and talk with them. There's another friend who I met through Sonlight's forums, she lives local but our paths don't cross in our everyday lives and I usually get to see her at the convention as well. I didn't this year although I know she was there. And this year, I got to meet someone I've "talked" to on the Sonlight forums who lives in another part of the state. It was nice meeting her and putting a name to a face. I think my girls were kind of shocked at me, that I actually went up to someone who I didn't know and introduced myself. Yes, it's rather out of the box for me, but I did know her, sort of. Anyway, we had a nice chat and now if we head to her neck of the woods we can have a meet up and I'll know who I'm looking for.

So now the school planning is done, most of the school books are bought, and the real work begins. Since Sweet Pea is doing US history again this year, I need to figure out field trips (not hard here) and see what else we're going to be adding. I'm also adding an anthology book to Rosie Jane's world history and need to schedule that now to make things easier this fall.

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