19 June 2012


We're moving into summertime. This week it's going to be HOT and humid, typical for our area. Because of the weather, we tend to keep schooling a bit in the summer. When it gets too hot to head outside they can still get school done. We do lighten things up during the summer. This year, they're both taking a language review class so they don't forget the French and German that they've learned and Sweet Pea is taking an intro to Russian class. They're doing math to keep up their skills and this morning Sweet Pea told me that she's much more focused during the summer than she is during the school year, may have to investigate that a bit more and figure out what's going on. Sweet Pea is doing history so she can finish up world history before moving on to American history in the fall. Rosie Jane is doing some writing this summer, crazy journaling type stuff, nothing serious. An hour or so of school in the morning isn't going to kill them and will help them in the long run.

I still have a few things I need to iron out for the fall, a few last minute changes and new ideas that I've come across. I also need to read some books the girls will be reading this fall so I know what they're reading. Organizing our school bookshelves is on the list as well, I need to make more room for school books there. I'm also still trying to finalize their online classes, waiting to see if Russian I will be offered in the fall (looks like it will be) and I also found a really interesting history class but I still need to see if it works in the schedule.

The girls will still get plenty of summer fun - summer camp is coming up in a couple of weeks, our big family vacation is after that, hopefully a trip out to visit the cousins in August, then it's back to school for 8th and 10th grades. In between, they'll get to the water park, the pool with their friends and cousins, golfing, riding, hopefully some camping.

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