20 August 2012

Starting soon...

at least I hope we're starting soon! Usually by this time we've already done 2 or 3 weeks of school. This year we were on vacation in Alaska until the 7th and I still have organizing, buying of curriculum, and some cleaning to do. Today and tomorrow we're getting new windows put in so I didn't want today to be the first day of school. It's pretty loud around here and there's lots of chaos.

Subjects for this year:

Sweet Pea, 10th grade
American History (maybe AP, maybe not)
Algebra II, then Geometry
French II
Russian I
Driver's Ed
Art History

Rosie Jane, 8th grade
World History
Pre-Algebra, Algebra
German II

Both are doing PE (riding, snowboarding, skiing, dance, maybe some biking). Seems like something is missing from Rosie Jane's list, but at the moment I'm not sure what it is. We're looking forward to a good year!


  1. I have been reading down your blog. Sounds like you do a fantastic job teaching your girls.
    I would love to go on vacation to Alaska.

  2. Thanks for reading. Our new year starts today with some tweaks on how we've done things in the past.