13 August 2012

The end of summer

Summer seems to be coming to an end very quickly! We just got back from a vacation of a lifetime to Alaska (thanks, Mom!!). We had a wonderful time, saw lots, learned a bunch about our 49th state, and enjoyed time with family. My mom took all four of us, my sister and her girls, and my brother and his family. We took a cruise then a land tour after so we got to see a lot of Alaska, but there's so much more! Bob and I have already talked about going back, maybe flying to Anchorage and renting a camper so we can get back to some of the National Parks that we only briefly got to visit.

Now it's time to turn my attention to school. I was doing some cleaning before we left and it left the school area kind of a mess. I worked today on that, but there's still more to do to organize downstairs. I need to find a couple of hours to myself and finalize the details of the year - what classes they're going to be doing, what books we need and what I still need to get, figure out the calendar for the year, do some scheduling, as well as do some more long term planning (those high stakes high school tests). We also bought some new bookshelves before we left and they still need to be put together and the books and games transferred from the old ones. I plan to get a lot done this week so we can jump right in next week, at least with the things I've got since there are a few classes we can't start yet.

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