26 September 2012

What a year so far!

Wow! Things have not really gone as planned. Guess that's always the way. Although we got off to a pretty good start it's been rather rocky since then. We had a week that seemed filled with medical appointments (nothing serious, just time consuming), a badly sprained finger on a writing hand, and math and physics angst. Oh, and a horse that had a problem that needed attention twice a day for a week, which really took time out of our day. Now that we've made it through most of that (the math and physics are still hanging around), I think we can move on and hopefully get more school done. Guess it's all been a good lesson in life.


  1. Hi Debbi, I think it happens to the best of us, you know, getting off to a great start & then finding ourself on the rocky road. We have to just keep stepping from stone to stone and keep on going. Hope thbings have gotten better for you by now.

  2. Things are much better, thank you.