11 August 2013

It's Getting Close!

We're almost to the first day of school here. Even though I don't have all the books we need yet, we'll be officially starting tomorrow but there won't be any classes. We're going on a field trip tomorrow to visit Bob at Camp Rainbow, a summer camp for teens and adults with mental disabilities. Actually, Rosie Jane is already there helping get things set up so just Sweet Pea and I will be heading down tomorrow. We'll all come back tomorrow night after the talent show.

There actually probably won't be much learning going on Tuesday either, maybe a bit. The girls have dentist appointments in the morning, then Sweet Pea has work and Rosie Jane has golf in the afternoon. I'm going to take some time with each of them going over more specifically what they're going to be studying this year and figuring out their schedules since both have online classes and Rosie Jane is taking her biology labs with a local co-op. We all need to know who has to be on the computer when for class and when someone needs to be taken somewhere for class. I especially need to spend some time with Sweet Pea going over her history and the expectations for it.

So I guess our "real" first day of school is going to be Wednesday. I need to remember to take first day of school pictures of my freshman and junior. Hopefully they'll put up with it.

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