30 August 2013

The Start of a New Year

The start of a new year....the excitement of new books, a new grade, harder classes...these are all things we look forward to in our school. Sweet Pea is super excited about school this year. She'll be studying the 20th century and has been looking forward to that for a couple of years.  Rosie Jane being in high school is going to be a change but so far, she's doing well. She's staying up with her work and doing well in everything we've started, except math.

Right now Sweet Pea is in France. What a way to start off the school year! My mom is with her, they're on a tour that includes Paris, the Normandy beaches, and the Loire valley castles. They'll be gone 10 days, including traveling to France. So far, from the pictures I've seen in Instagram, they're seeing lots of sights in Paris and having great weather. Of course, this trip will count as a massive field trip for history, art, and yes, French. In one email she sent me, she said that she'd had some opportunity to speak French, but not much. I can't wait to hear about her trip when she gets back. She's really looking forward to the Normandy beaches. Before she left she and her dad watched The Longest Day and also the beginning of Saving Private Ryan so she had a better understanding about where she was going.

Not to be outdone in the fun department, Rosie Jane is getting in a lot of cousin time before school starts for them. We had to babysit one niece overnight and they had a great time together. My sister picked up one and dropped off the other. Now Rosie and her other cousin are having a movie marathon to end the summer; I think they're watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy. On Tuesday, it will be back to school for her so she's enjoying a few days off while her cousins spend the night. Her biology labs start on Friday which will be so good for her. She knows a lot of the kids that are in the class and she'll enjoy the social interaction (hopefully not too much!). German is still TBD as is Spanish, although I think I know what we're doing there.

This is the first year that I've felt so unorganized so late in the year. Usually I know exactly what we're doing and have it all lined up. This year, not so much. I still need to order the syllabus and teacher's book for biology, figure out German and Spanish, and actually, that may be it. I know Sweet Pea's chemistry stuff came in; her friend she's doing the labs with has it (her mom ordered it). I know this will all come together very soon.

Here's to a good year!

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