13 December 2013


It's been an interesting year for science here. Sweet Pea is doing chemistry labs with a good friend of hers; they're each reading the text at home on their own. Rosie Jane is doing biology labs with a local co-op. She's really enjoying it, getting to see her friends and I'm happy that the biology labs are getting done somewhere else.

So far this year, chemistry has been going pretty well. She's doing understanding most of it and has had one tutoring session with a friend of mine that teaches chemistry in a local public school. She's really been enjoying the labs though. I think it helps to have her friend to do them with, plus they're actually kind of cool at least the recent ones have been. One week, they mixed up some chemicals and made the stuff that's inside glow sticks. Last week, they mixed up other chemicals, then heated them up, which caused a rather loud "pop." Startled Sweet Pea since although she read that it would do that, it was louder than expected. Yesterday, they mixed chemicals together (something about pH levels) and made pretty yellow, blue, and pink colors.

Can't wait to see what next week brings.

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