23 January 2014

The Busiest Time of Year

We are now into our busiest time of year. Since mid-December, Sweet Pea has been snowboarding which means that Wednesday and Thursday afternoons she's got to wrap up school and head to the ski slopes for practice. She's on the snowboard team at Massanutten Resort and competes in snowboard cross through USASA. The biggest issue is that we live two hours away from Massanutten. Yes, I do lots of driving this time of year. Besides the Wednesday and Thursday practices, she's also got practice on Saturday mornings. While she wishes for a teleporter, she loves snowboarding, has been learning a lot of new skills (including patience), and can't wait to compete in the next few weeks. Hopefully she'll do well enough to get another invite to Nationals and we'll have a spring break trip to Colorado.

Right now Sweet Pea has something going on every day of the week, between snowboarding, work, bible study, and church stuff. Rosie Jane is keeping me busy as well, when I'm home, with her dance, babysitting, and church stuff. One issue we have right now is that one of our cars is in the shop so I'm back to driving both girls all over. My day is mostly spent helping with school, getting the basics done (laundry, grocery shopping, cooking), and driving to the mountain. Can't wait for April to come when things will slow down a bit.

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  1. It's great to see another home schooling mom! By the time high school rolls around, there seem to be fewer of us. I scrolled down through some of your posts, and you are doing what we did last year! (Chemistry, 20th Century World History). Blessings!