29 January 2014

It's Been One of Those Winters

It's been one of those cold, snowy winters, even here in Virginia. We got another inch of snow last night and it's about 16 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. We've had a lot of really cold weather, we've had snow (although it's usually been too cold out to play in), and the public schools have been closed quite a bit this month. We still have February to get through and most school systems have already gone through all their built in snow days. I'm so glad that we homeschool. By this time, if my girls were in public school, they'd be climbing the walls of boredom. The Wii and computer can hold their interest for only so long. Since we homeschool, they've pretty much been moving right along, school as normal. It's a good thing since we've got a firm "finish by" date this spring.

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