15 June 2014

AACK! End of the Year

So we wrapped up the year on May 30 then left right for vacation. That means that I'm behind on so much! We had a good time on vacation but now I need to get moving on school admin stuff. I have things that still need to be graded and figure out final grades, update both girls' transcripts, get rough drafts of course descriptions written and print out book lists, work on NCAA paperwork for Rosie Jane's freshman year. That about takes care of wrapping up last year. Then I need to finalize the courses the girls are taking this fall, figure out what books/texts they're using, and start ordering books. I also need to get our paperwork into the county for next school year.

I think I need to get a list written down, prioritized, and start working through it this week. We plan to start school again in early August since we'll need to be done by the end of May so I need to get working on things.

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