28 June 2014


I've made some good progress on the school to-do list this week. I've finalized almost all of their grades from this year and updated their transcripts. I haven't started on the course descriptions yet for this year, so that's on this week's list. I'm going to focus on the more unusual classes, the ones that the course title doesn't make it obvious what the class covered. I guess I also need to tackle the NCAA stuff before it gets too far out of mind.

Besides finalizing things from last school year, I'm working on next year which I know will be here sooner than I'd like. I've already ordered a couple of things from Amazon and I think I have my list finalized for Rainbow Resources. I also started working on schedules for a few classes already. Cryptozoology is done, just need to find a few more books, meteorology is sort of done (text is ordered so I'm waiting for that to come in before I can finish the schedule), geology is started (still looking for a text to go along with the dvd). Much more to get ready for school.

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