25 August 2016

Back at It

We're almost to the end of our first week of school and so far, so good. The first day ended up being a field trip, although I didn't go along. Sarah went with a friend downtown and they hit all the tourist high spots - the Archives, the "dinosaur museum" although most of the dinosaur exhibits are closed for a couple more years, the American history museum, Shake Shack for lunch, and the Castle. I knew she really wanted to go but I really wanted to get a start on school so the compromise was that she could go as long as they went to the Archives. She said they did that first to "get it out of the way." They had a really good time together. It was time to hit the books on Tuesday. Senior year is under way.

Tomorrow we leave to head to Maine. We'll stop off in NH tomorrow night at Bob's sister's to pick up the things Whitney left there, then go to Farmington on Saturday. She moves in on Sunday; same dorm, different room, different roommate.

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