09 August 2016

Community College

We had our meeting yesterday with the counselor at the community college. It went well. Sarah did well on the placement tests and was approved to take Spanish. The only real hitch is that the class we wanted (M/W afternoons) was full with a one person wait list. Since it's two weeks before classes start we didn't want to risk putting her name on the list and her end up not getting in. That was the only option for a class locally when I looked. They've opened more sections since then so she had a few choices. We declined the Friday hybrid class after having bad experiences with that type of learning in the past. She is signed up for a T/Th morning class. Not really the best option, but it will work ok. On Tuesdays she'll have to take her lunch with her and go straight from class to preschool. Hopefully she'll be able to get at least a math lesson done in the afternoon when she gets home. Tuesdays will be full since she's got dance in the evening. It will be an interesting first college experience and hopefully it will go well since it will "be on her permanent record."

Now that we know for sure that she's in the class I'll have to take a look at our plans for the year and see if we need to adjust.

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