23 June 2011

How did we get here?

I know it's only late June and most people are done thinking about school.  I sure am!  This week we're on vacation but as a homeschooling mom I think about school a lot, what's next, where are we headed, and good grief!!, how did I become the mom of a high schooler?  That's what I'm thinking about now, how did Sweet Pea grow up to be such a wonderful young woman headed into 9th grade this fall?

Homeschooling was easy when she was in first grade, read some great books, encourage her in her reading, learn how to add and subtract, take some cool field trips and get together with friends.  As the years went on, the math became harder, the books longer, and my time was split between Sweet Pea and Rosie Jane, but school was still fun and not too hard (at least for me) and we still did some cool field trips.  The best were when Dad could come along.  Now, though, we're starting down the high school years.  Sweet Pea is set on being homeschooled so we're heading down this new, uncharted road (at least for us).  High school seems scary but I know we can do it and I'll be sharing the journey along the way.

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