27 June 2011

Summer school

OK, I'm ready to think about school again....sort of.  The girls are back at it today so I at least have it a bit on my mind.  Do you teach your kids anything during the summer?  Besides our vacations and other trips, we usually do some sort of school (book work) during the summer. 

Our school year usually starts at the beginning of August, goes through the end of May/first week of June, then we hit summer school.  Things start to fall apart around the second week of June for some reason, every year.  After the dance recital at the end of the month, we usually do some sort of school work 3 or 4 days a week when we can.  That means around things like camp, vacations, visits to family so not a lot of school really happens in the summer.  By the time we hit August, we're all ready to get back to the routine and there's only a visit to my brother's left to interrupt learning.  Starting early in August gives us the freedom to be able to take days off here and there when we want/need to during the rest of the year.

This year for summer school, Sweet Pea is working on finishing her science, Rosie Jane is finishing English and both are keeping up with their math as well as reading. It's not hard to get them to read.  They both have a few history books to read, plenty on their bookshelves and we hit the library as needed.

The work they do in the summer varies.  This year they both had things that needed to be finished up so they'll keep working on those.  They love the math program that they're using but I try to keep math going during the summer anyway so they don't forget how to add those fractions.  Sometimes we do fun stuff, but we always read.

Happy summer school!

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