28 June 2011

Williamsburg, Part II

Yes, I have more to say about Williamsburg.  One thing I forgot to mention the first time is that some of the tours we've done are age restricted, mainly for younger kids. We did those when Sweet Pea was younger and she loved them.  Another fun thing I'd really encourage you to do is to take a carriage ride.  Yes, they cost extra, but are so fun!  You get to travel around Williamsburg like they did in the colonial days, bouncing around in a carriage being pulled by a matched pair of horses.  Now the horses may not look exactly the same, but they are matched to work together.  You get a different perspective from the high seats of the carriage and for once you get to be the ones looked upon as lucky and wave to the folks walking.

A really fun time to be in Williamsburg just happened this past weekend.  They have many revolutionary re-enactors come to town to show what it was like during Cornwallis' occupation of Williamsburg.  Not only are there Redcoats, there are Hessians, horses, colonists, and more craftsman than are usually in town.  There are demonstrations by different militia groups, some interesting craftsman (a baker using a beehive oven, one year a man who carved horns into different things), the militias drill marching around the green.  The Redcoats also take over the Capital building.  It's a fun outing and gives a good sense of how things happened.  It's always the last weekend of June so if you're looking for something fun next June, keep this in mind.

I think that's it for Williamsburg, although I make no promises!

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