13 November 2011

Back to it

We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation to Disney but now it's time to get back to it.  Sweet Pea studied hard yesterday for her French test, got it done today and I scanned and emailed it to her teacher.  Rosie Jane said she studied German and thought her test was due on Wednesday.  I asked the teacher when I sent Sweet Pea's test in to make sure.  If it's due tomorrow, I'll be printing and she'll be getting it done quick before class.

I spent the evening writing up assignments for the girls.  Not much fun today.  I had to figure out what was done and what wasn't before we went to Disney and try to remember where we were in different subjects.  I'm still not sure about a few things, but I'll get that all cleared up in the morning.  Sweet Pea has a neat history project to finish up and some cool stuff coming up in science.  Rosie Jane will be finishing The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe this week and starting The Horse and His Boy.  I'm not sure this Narnia study was what she was expecting, but I think she's finally enjoying it; it just took us a while to get here.

Sweet Pea has Girl Scouts tomorrow.  It's been an interesting road with her and her troop.  At this point, it's her and two friends.  Small, but they all really want to be here and I think they all have the goal of earning their Gold Award.  Right now we're finishing up their Silver Award.  That's really been a learning experience!  They built the new website for our Service Unit and just have a couple of things left to finish it up.  They'll maintain it for the rest of the year then train another troop next fall to turn it over to.  They do enjoy getting together.

Rosie Jane hasn't be able to really get involved with her troop this year.  It's based at the local middle school and this year they're meeting after school.  Unfortunately it conflicts with her science labs.  The good news is that I can usually reschedule her labs if there's a meeting she really needs to go to.  I need to get her thinking about her Silver Award so she can start working on it.

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