28 November 2011


Shhhh.....we're semi playing hookey today.  I very rarely call a day off from school.  Even if I don't have their schedules done (like today) I can get them started on "the next thing" in several subjects and get their assignments written up pretty quickly.  After traveling and eating away the weekend, I just didn't feel like doing writing up assignments last night.  Today I have several things that have to get done, a few of which are out of the house.  Not really a big deal, but this teacher needed a teacher work day. 

The girls are doing their math ("the next lesson") and they're also doing their online class.  We're going to work on picking up some of the clutter so we can pull the Christmas decorations out and get started on making the house look festive and pretty.  A little bit of "life learning" today.  Maybe we'll even start the Christmas unit study by watching a movie.

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