27 February 2012

February Vacation

Aah...the joys of homeschooling. One of the great things about it is being able to keep your own schedule. Since the girls were little, I've been bringing them to New Hampshire at the end of February to visit my sister-in-law. Usually we get to play in the snow, we've gone tubing, ice skating, and snowshoeing in the woods. Unfortunatly this winter there's hardly any snow. We got about an inch Friday night but that's all there is right now. If the girls went to school, there would be no February trip for them since they'd be in school.

This year, besides getting in some big mountain skiing/snow boarding, they get to play with their "new" cousin. He's 8 months old and as cute as a button. All Rosie Jane wants to do is play with Z. We haven't been able to play in the snow, but the girls did go tromping in the woods. Not snow shoeing though. Maybe next year.

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