25 May 2012

First summer weekend

It's Memorial Day weekend, a day to remember and the first weekend of summer. It's also a weekend to celebrate for us since Rosie Jane's birthday was yesterday. We've got lots of fun summer stuff planned but first, we've got to finish up school.

We're getting close to wrapping up the "official" part of the school year. Most of their subjects are winding down, if they're not finished already. The have finished their testing and I need to get the rest of  the paperwork ready to send in to the county. I've got plenty of time since it's not due until August.

I've snuck in some extra science for Sweet Pea. Right now she really wants to be a meteorologist so since we finished up her earth science class, she's working on some weather stuff and I have a Great Courses class on meteorology to use as well. I may save that for the really hot days that are coming.

Happy Memorial Day!

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