15 May 2012

Panic attack today!

Today was one of those days, major attack of self-doubt about homeschooling high school - doubting if we're doing the right thing, am I picking the right classes for Sweet Pea, not just for next year but for the rest of high school?, am I pushing them hard enough, too hard, or not hard enough?, are they going to be able to get into college? The odd thing was that the panic started over history and English, not science which is what I've been worrying over recently.

I feel good about science for the rest of high school. She's going to do physics next year, then chemistry, followed by advanced physics. I know she's not going to get biology in high school, but I think (hope) that will be ok. Right now she wants to study meteorology in college and that's a lot of physics and chemistry (and calculus) so I want to give her a good base in those courses. I think she's had enough basic biology in the past and if it's an issue, she can take a class at the community college her senior year. I think her senior year she will take the AP Physics test. I'll need to look into that when she gets much closer.

The other thing I've been trying to figure out for next year is art history. I've gotten some good suggestions and I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going to use. This was a class I suggested by Sweet Pea really wanted to take. I'm looking forward to it and think it will be interesting. I'll have to plan time to take some field trips to the art galleries downtown next year. I've been thinking about having her take the AP Art History test, it's lots of memorizing artists and dates so we'll have to see.

I think I decided after today's panic, I'm going to simplify some things. I had been doing a combined world/American history with Sweet Pea and due to several issues, it's taking longer to get through than I had originally planned. I really want to finish by next spring so that the fall of her junior year she can start 20th century history then government in her senior year. BUT, I also think she needs a really good background in American history. What I've decided to do is to finish the book we're using as our spine for world history, hopefully this summer then in the fall pick up with American history. That will give her a world history credit (creation to 1800-ish) and a solid American history credit. I think if I continue to combine, she won't get in enough American history.

Still worried about the English credits and I've hardly started thinking about Rosie Jane's classes for next year. It will come together and we'll be fine.

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