03 May 2012

Moving along...

We're moving along here with school. Even the nice spring weather isn't holding us up, mainly because the last couple of weeks have been chilly for this time of year. It's kept us in the house and on track (mostly) with school. Sweet Pea has wrapped up one subject for the year, Earth Science, and is working on a short study of weather (maybe 1/4 credit, maybe part of her earth science credit, we'll see). French and German will be done next week. Both girls are taking a summer course in their respective languages. It's once a week and will keep things a bit fresher in their minds so they'll be ready to go when class starts again in September. Most of their other work will be "done" by the end of the month or early next month.

We usually do some school all summer. We don't really homeschool year round, but just do some subjects to keep them fresh or because they enjoy them. We do them when we can, when we're home in the summer. Sweet Pea will keep going with math, probably history, and French while Rosie Jane is going to do math, maybe science, and German. Sweet Pea is also going to be doing an introductory Russian class. She's SO excited about that! She's really hoping that the teacher will continue with a regular Russian I class in the fall.

The other big thing coming up is our yearly testing. I find it rather easy to live in Virginia and homeschool. Send in our paperwork in August, use any national standardized test at the end of the school year and send in the results by August. The goofy thing is that the state law has two different dates. Sure would make things easier (I'd think) if they used the same one. As it is, I just send everything in together, the results from the current year along with the paperwork for next year. I ordered the girls tests last night so they should be here probably on Saturday. We'll do them maybe next week or the week after (I need to get them done this month before Sweet Pea goes on her week long bike trip) and get them sent back for scoring.

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