06 July 2011

Enjoying summer

OK, so we're totally enjoying summer here.  Spent the 4th at my brother's, enjoying his pool and the cousins.  Honestly, not much school is happening right now.  Both girls are working on math (Sweet Pea on Algebra I and Rosie Jane on Fractions and Decimals).  Sweet Pea is still reading her science so progress is being made.  I think they're both reading.  We're really in summer mode here.  They'll be off for a few weeks, Sweet Pea is going to bike the C&O Canal with her nana and cousin and Rosie Jane is going with me to see her new cousin.  The next week they're both going to an awesome camp, Camp Highroad.  After that we'll get back to school.  Hopefully the science will be finished by mid-August, the math will get done when it's done and they'll move on to the next thing.  I'll be doing more serious planning for the fall soon, finalizing what Sweet Pea's classes/credits are going to be for this year.  In the meantime, we're enjoying summer (have I already mentioned that?).

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