04 October 2011


Algebra has become a thorn in my side and the bane of Sweet Pea's existence.  Usually she does math first to get it over with.  These days, it's the last thing she wants to do and puts it off as long as she can.  Ugh.  Math is a major cause of meltdowns in our house.  Currently we're using Life of Fred Beginning Algebra but I think I may pull out the Teaching Textbooks Algebra again.  She was halfway through that when we decided to give Fred a spin.  It's mostly been going well, but we're hitting a block again.  I told her that she needed folders in her brain to keep math problems straight.  She said that she's got them for writing, history, and some other stuff but the math is all jumbled together and she can't pull out what she needs.  I'm also going to spend some more time looking over the Khan Academy to see if I can find anything helpful there.  I think the biggest problem is that history and writing/reading are her forte and numbers just aren't, which means that I'm not sure that either Life of Fred or Teaching Textbooks are necessarily a good fit for her.  I need to figure out what is so that she can move on.

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