01 October 2011

Field trip this week

Guess where we went this week!  Yep, Williamsburg.  It actually did tie in with studies, Sweet Pea had just learned (again) about the Gutenberg press so we went to the printing office.  It was actually kind of interesting since the printer that was there was talking politics (of the time) and that Thomas Paine was actually a professional rabble rouser (after he was done causing trouble in Virginia, he went to France to stir things up there).  Then apparently it was shift change time and the new printer was talking more to the young kids there about what he was doing - inking the things he uses to put the ink on the press, how the press works.  Then a large homeschool family came in and we didn't get to ask the (to me) burning question of the day, how much had the press changed since Gutenberg's time?  But the homeschool family had cool shirts on.  We mostly just wandered around and hit things we were interested in, Rosie Jane wanted to go to the Apothecary and the Goal (jail), we walked by the reconstruction of the blacksmith area, lunch at the Cheese Shop, we stopped by the farm on the way there.  It was a warm but finally sunny day and we enjoyed ourselves.

We did get a lot of regular schoolwork done.  I think we're starting to fall into this year's routine.  It's been a really different feeling with them taking the online classes.  It just gives a different rhythm to our days.  It's also nice that they're responsible to someone else for getting their work done.  I make sure they get their homework done (they've got something assigned every class) but Mr. G is giving them a grade, not me.  Looking forward to October.

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