18 October 2011

Learning how to study

Just a quick check-in. The girls survived their first tests in French/German.  We need to work on study skills.  They did fine on the tests but we need to work on spelling in a foreign language.  They have a pop quiz almost every week, and they've been doing their homework but they need to study and review more.

I think study skills in general are something we need to work on.  Sweet Pea hasn't really had tests up until now so this is something new for her.  They both need to learn how to learn and study, not just for a test but to get it in their head long term.  I think with Sweet Pea, she's got the long term stuff but pulling out specific bits of information for a test is harder especially since it's something she hasn't really had to do before.  I also need to teach them that learning a foreign language and knowing it well enough for the test is different than studying for a science or English test.

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